Tesla restarts hiring beyond AI and robotics in a big way

Tesla has fully restarted its hiring effort beyond AI and robotics in a big way after a hiring freeze amid several waves of layoffs throughout the entire organization.

As we previously reported, Elon Musk came into Tesla like a wrecking ball earlier this quarter and fired an estimated 15-20% of Tesla’s staff.

Sources said Musk had greatly reduced his involvement at Tesla over the last year, but the CEO reasserted himself amid a proxy battle over his CEO compensation plan that was rescinded by a judge earlier this year.

Musk fired many of Tesla’s top executives, and others left.

With these layoffs, Tesla effectively put in place a hiring freeze.

A few weeks ago, we reported on Tesla restarting to hire, but only for the “AI and robotics” department.

The hiring freeze now seems to be officially over in the US as Tesla has posted hundreds of new positions across several departments – but mainly service and sales:

Tesla’s layoffs have affected its service, sales, and delivery departments despite being at capacity in many regions.

As we previously reported, this greatly affected morale as Tesla workers not only lost friends, but they also saw their already heavy workload increase.

In some cases, Tesla is expected to rehire some of the employees it has let go, which has been the case after previous rounds of layoffs and, more recently, after Musk fired Tesla’s entire charging team.

On top of service and sale jobs, the automaker also posted several new positions at its lithium refinery under construction in Robstown, Texas.

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