Jack Whitehall reacts after Prince William calls his jokes ‘dad-like’

Jack Whitehall says he’s been the victim of “outrageous shading” after the Prince of Wales described his jokes as “dad-like”.

The next in line to the throne was asked by a group of school kids to tell a “dad joke” – and responded by saying he was “channelling” the 35-year-old comedian.

On X, Whitehall quipped: “There goes my knighthood.”

In a light-hearted, split-screen video, Whitehall reacted to the prince’s comments – but flattery after being name dropped turned to mock offence after William critiqued his jokes.

“Rinsed by the future King,” the comic said.

William made a surprise visit to a school in the West Midlands yesterday after a pupil requested he come and learn about their mental health campaign.

During the trip, William was asked to join children from St Michael’s Church of England School in Sandwell for the “dad joke” segment of their radio show.

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He said: “I’m trying to channel Jack Whitehall, because most of his jokes are pretty dad-like.

“I think what I’ll do is I’ll say a joke which is Charlotte’s favourite joke at the moment, she keeps telling me.”

The Prince of Wales during a visit to St. Michael’s Church of England High School in Sandwell
Pic Kensington Palace
The Prince of Wales visits a school in Sandwell. Pic: Kensington Palace

The royal began with “knock knock” – and when pupils replied “who’s there”, William said “interrupting cow”.

As the kids tried to ask “interrupting cow who?” he made them laugh by saying “moooooo” before they could finish the sentence.

Whitehall shook his head with disapproval while listening to the joke – but then picked up a notebook and scribbled it down, as if he planned to use it in a future set.

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Prince William surprises student

Whitehall – who welcomed his first child with his partner Roxy Horner last year – has written a Netflix special called Settle Down about becoming a father.

He is known for his sarcastic and self-deprecating stand-up comedy, starring in the sitcom Bad Education, and his long-running travel show with his father Michael.

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