BLUETTI’s tough new AC240 power station resists dust, mud, and rain

Your outdoor adventures – no matter how rugged, rough, wet, or muddy – are in capable hands with the latest innovation of power products provider BLUETTI: the BLUETTI AC240 Weatherproof Portable Power Station. The first of its kind to feature a truly systemwide IP65 rating for water and dust resistance, this durable power station can handle any kind of weather you throw at it, on land or even at sea, making it the ideal companion to your RV, boat, or any other vehicle.

Launching April 2, this rugged powerhouse is game-ready for pelting rain, splashing waves, heavy-caked mud and dust, and even sea breeze corrosion – delivering an impressive 2,400W output. It’s dust-tight to stave off intrusion from particles, and resilient to low-pressure water jets from all angles, so you can clean it off without worrying about water leaking inside.

The BLUETTI AC240 also features patented technology that includes independent air ducts, sealed electronic compartments, special drainage, vacuum-coated fans, and double-layer protected ports. Of course, some water may sneak its way in, but no fear because a built-in exhaust fan swiftly expels water, while the heat-dissipation system ensures rapid water evaporation. This safeguard system keeps it airtight so that no job or adventure is too demanding. That makes the AC240 perfectly suited for off-grid power for RVs, boats, outdoor adventures, and first responders.

Powerful and portable – with powerlifting mode

Packing the BLUETTI AC240 along in your truck, RV, or boat is easy too. It weighs just 72 pounds (33 kilograms) and is about the same size as a microwave oven. The station comes with an impressive 2,400W output to power up a host of devices, everything from heaters and coffeemakers to microwaves, air conditioners, TVs, and refrigerators. Its 1,536Wh (30Ah) lithium iron phosphate battery can sustain a 20-cubic-foot fridge for at least one day at 1.2kWh/day. For heavy power loads (a hot plate, for one, can draw up to 3,500 watts), its Power Lifting mode has an output of 3,600W, ensuring that no task is too demanding.

Integrated power solution for land and sea

Even better, it comes with a plethora of outlets including a direct power supply for RVs and boats through the TT-30 port. In addition, you get two standard AC outlets, a car outlet, two USB-A ports, two USB-C ports, and a 12V/30A RV port. Whether you are on a long trip or just a weekend getaway, the AC240 is the best way to power up what you need for self-sustained travel and off-grid living.

Plus it fast-charges with AC charging at 2,400W max in just 70 minutes, and 80% in 45 minutes. To get that power output of 2,400 max, you can pair the AC240 with BLUETTI’s B210 expansion battery to always keep ahead of the power curve – in fact, the AC240 can accept up to four B210 packs at 2,150Wh each, for a total capacity of 10,135Wh. These packs can also function independently as water-resistant power banks with three DC outputs and charging options.

For longer hauls, take along BLUETTI’s foldable solar panels for 1,200W solar intake, which recharge in two hours. As long as the sun is shining, you are guaranteed a steady supply of clean energy wherever your adventures take you.

Parallel functionality for double the power

The AC240’s output is also expandable with a truly parallel connection. You can link two AC240 units via the Parallel Box P480, delivering a substantial 4,800W/120V output without altering voltage – that’s a feat you won’t find anywhere else in the industry. What this gives you is incredible ease in charging even large 120V appliances without the hassle of complex manual settings.

Even more, it’s the first energy storage system that allows parallel connection to the grid while still powering your devices. Coupled with its UPS function, the AC240 detects outages and automatically switches to battery power within 15 milliseconds – that’s a speed you won’t find anywhere else. As a home backup power system, it offers a straightforward and robust solution to keep things up and running, without all the worry.

Sturdy, reliable, and packed with smart tech

The BLUETTI AC240 uses the safest and most reliable lithium iron phosphate battery to achieve up to 100% depth of discharge and maintain 80% of its original capacity even after enduring 3,500 charge cycles – that’s equal to a decade of consistent use. Plus it comes equipped with the BLUETOPUS AI BMS, an AI-powered battery management system, to ensure smooth, safe operation and optimal performance. Plus its app lets you manage power, adjust charging speeds, switch UPS modes, and more via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. For extra peace of mind, it comes backed by a six-year warranty.

The BLUETTI AC240 is available for purchase on BLUETTI’s official website and Amazon store now at an initial price of just $1,399 – a 26% savings from its retail price of $1,899. But act fast because this amazing deal only lasts through April 15.

As a special bonus, Electrek readers can get an extra discount of $100 by using the code electrek240 on both the AC240 and AC240 bundles. Check out the AC240+B210 bundle for a special discount of $2,468, a whopping 27% savings from the original price of $3,398. But don’t wait: This offer is only valid from April 2 to April 29. 


Backed by more than 10 years of experience and a fierce commitment to the environment, BLUETTI has curated an extensive and reliable product portfolio tailored for adventures, emergency backup power, and off-grid living, making a tangible and positive impact on minimizing its carbon footprint for the planet. That’s why BLUETTI is an industry leader available in more than 100 countries and trusted by millions of customers around the world. 

Photos: Courtesy of BLUETTI

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