Cheaper electrics? Zero Motorcycles announces permanent price drops on all models

Zero Motorcycles, a leading electric motorcycle manufacturer in the US, has just announced a permanent price drop across its entire line of 2022 and 2023 electric motorcycles sold in North America.

The announcement includes reductions of between US $1,000 to $4,500, with Zero’s most premium models receiving the most significant price drops.

According to the company, the new pricing “applies to all remaining inventories and brings electric motorcycles within reach of more riders than ever before.”

As Zero Motorcycles VP of sales Mike Cunningham explained:

This MSRP reduction is another example of how Zero Motorcycles continues to lead the charge. It enables Zero to leverage its scale and manufacturing efficiency to make EV motorcycles accessible to a greater number of riders as demand increases and the industry continues to evolve.

Zero FXE electric motorcycle ridden by Micah Toll

Two of the company’s most affordable models, the 2023 FX and FXE, each see a US $1,000 reduction to a new MSRP of US $11,995.

The 2023 Zero S and Zero DS, which share a similar drivetrain and were also among the company’s most affordable, have each seen their price tags reduced by US $1,250 to become the new lowest-priced models at US $11,745.

The 2023 SR and DSR have been reduced by US $3,000 to reach US $16,995 and $14,995, respectively.

The company’s flagship street bikes, the 2023 Zero SR/S and SR/F, have been reduced by US $4,000 to $19,995 and $19,795, respectively.

And lastly, the company’s 2023 DSR/X adventure bike has been reduced by US $4,500 to $19,995.

All of Zero’s 2022 models also saw the same price reductions, making each of them slightly more affordable than the 2023 models.

zero dsr/x electric motorcycle

The announcement comes at a time when Zero is expected to soon release its 2024 model year lineup, though it is not yet clear if such heavily discounted pricing would return for the upcoming models. Historically, the company has usually revealed its new model lines between September and November, meaning such an announcement could come at any time.

Some years the model line updates have been rather minor, consisting largely of colorway changes and other minor aesthetic updates. Other years have seen the release of entirely new models that expand the company’s offerings, as well as larger motors and batteries.

It’s too soon to say for sure what Zero could be planning this year, but the answer likely won’t be a mystery for much longer.

The pricing move also coincides with an increasing number of lower and mid-performance electric motorcycles are entering the US market. Ryvid’s Anthem commuter-spec electric motorcycle, which is priced at $7,800, has just begun making deliveries. LiveWire’s S2 Del Mar, priced at US $15,500, saw a series of delays but has also recently commenced deliveries to consumers.

Low-cost motorbike company CSC Motorcycles also launched the CSC RX1E commuter e-motorcycle this year, further applying pressure on the value end of the market.

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