Joe Wicks makes dedicated workout video for people with Parkinson’s disease

Fitness coach Joe Wicks has teamed up with the NHS to create a dedicated workout video for people with Parkinson’s disease.

Regular exercise has been shown to have a positive impact on the symptoms that can cause involuntary shaking of parts of the body, slow movement and stiff or inflexible muscles.

Wicks has worked with experts at St Thomas’ Hospital in London to help people with the condition exercise at home.

“I’m so passionate about making exercise accessible for all people, no matter their ability,” Wicks said.

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“It was great to come down to St Thomas’ Hospital to hear more about how exercise can help people with Parkinson’s manage their symptoms and to create this workout video tailored specifically for them.”

Milly Khan, a highly specialist neuro-physiotherapist at Guy’s and St Thomas’ NSH Foundation Trust, said: “Physical activity is a really important component of treatment for Parkinson’s and the condition shouldn’t be a barrier to being physically active.

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“Having this specially created resource that people can do in the comfort of their own home will make a huge difference to not only the patients I see at St Thomas’, but those across the country.”

The specialised workout video has 10 different exercises put together by Wicks, known as The Body Coach, who was hailed for hosting daily PE lessons online during lockdown.

The exercise video for people with Parkinson’s is available free online on The Body Coach YouTube channel.

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