Rimac celebrates 15 years in style with ultra-exclusive $2.54M Anniversary Edition Nevera

Advanced electric hypercar developer Rimac Automobili is celebrating 15 years in the auto industry and doing so the best way it knows how – by delivering a limited production run of “Anniversary Edition” Nevera EVs costing over $2.5 million each. See more in the video below.

In 2009, Rimac Automobili was founded in Croatia after countless haters told founder Mate Rimac not to do it. Fifteen years later, Rimac is delivering some of the fastest (and most expensive) cars on the entire planet.

The hypercar maker’s flagship model, the Nevera, has garnered countless world records on the track, accelerating forward… and in reverse. Just recently, Rimac shared plans to venture into robotaxis through a new business arm called Verne.

To celebrate fifteen years of what the Rimac team describes as “achieving the impossible,” it has marked the longevity milestone in the form of an extremely limited “Anniversary Edition” Nevera. Check this baby out.

Rimac to sell nine 15th Anniversary Edition Neveras

Rimac Automobili unveiled the 15th Anniversary Edition Nevera today, alongside the video you can view below. Only nine examples of the exclusive all-electric hypercar will be built, costing a cool 2,350,000 euros ($2.54 million) each. Per Rimac Group founder and CEO Mate Rimac:

Honestly, when I started to tinker with my first car in a garage, I couldn’t have even dreamt of being where we are 15 years later. There were so many times in the early years that we really thought the company wouldn’t make it, so reaching the 15-year milestone felt like it was worthy of a celebration. The 15th Anniversary Edition Nevera is the car that marks our progress, revelling just how far we’ve come. From garage to global; from worrying about keeping the lights on to a 2bn EUR valuation; from converted BMW 3 Series to the world’s fastest accelerating production car and from hypercar maker to Tier 1 EV tech supplier and energy storage pioneers. All achieved in a country where all of this would have sounded like science fiction at the time of founding the company.

The first build, as seen above, features were finished in a new shade of copper, debuting matte paint on the Nevera for the first time. Each of the nine Rimac builds will feature exclusive dual-color alloy wheels, 15-anniversary badging, and the Croatian automaker’s unique design pattern along the length of the BEV, mimicking the connections of a circuit board.

The Anniversary Edition Rimac Nevera interior is equipped with copper anodized switchgear and copper-painted surfaces to match the exterior, as well as “one-of-nine” and “2009-2024” script on armrests. Those nine lucky customers can choose between “bold black” or “pristine white” finishes inside. The seats are adorned with copper leather, and “15” is embossed into the headrests.

For $2.54 million, Rimac Anniversary Edition customers will also receive bespoke luggage that matches their chosen interior. What a deal.

The first of the nine exclusive Nevera’s will make its public debut at this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed, taking place in the UK July 11-14. Rimac shared that the Anniversary Edition Nevera will attempt a hill climb – the same place that the Nevera Time Attack Edition set the Production Car record in 2023 with a time of 49.32 seconds. You can see more of this limited-edition hypercar in Rimac’s video below:

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