New Tesla Model Y spotted with camouflage – refresh coming?

A new Tesla Model Y with camouflage has been spotted testing in California. Is a refresh coming soon?

After the Model 3 refresh launched last year, there have been many rumors about a Model Y refresh to follow.

It started last year with a Reuters report that claimed Tesla was planning a Model Y refresh called Juniper to come out in 2024.

Later, a Bloomberg report added that Tesla planned to release a Model Y refresh in “mid-2024”.

Tesla has shut does rumor down. Tesla and CEO Elon Musk have stated that Tesla doesn’t plan to refresh the Model Y “this year.” It’s important to note that both Tesla and Musk specifically mentioned “this year” when trying to shut down rumors of a new Model Y.

Now, a Tesla Model Y with camouflage at the front of the back has been spotted around Los Angeles, California:

The position of the camouflage was similar to the one seen on Model 3 prototypes before its own refresh last year.

Electrek’s Take

This would point to a similar update to the Model Y that happened on Model 3 last year. Visually, it should mean a new front-end, updated rear-end, and new lighting systems.

In the interior, it means a new steering wheel, which should be interesting as the new steering wheel in Model 3 is somewhat controversial and it will be interesting to see if Tesla will risk putting it in its most popular vehicle by far.

As for timing, I think it’s likely true that it is not coming this year, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it comes super early next year.

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