Sleek-looking ‘world’s most sophisticated’ electric scooter unveiled, heads to production

The full specs for the self-proclaimed “world’s most sophisticated” micromobility vehicle, the Bo M electric scooter, have been unveiled as the e-scooter heads to production.

Bo, the UK-based company behind the sleek-looking electric scooter, announced today that it is officially moving into production. The company also confirmed the full launch specifications of
the Bo M, an e-scooter designed primarily for city riders.

Bo says that it “will offer the smoothest and most stable ride of any vehicle in its class.”

I had the chance to test out an earlier version of the scooter at last year’s Micromobility America event, where it already looked promising. But now the most updated version appears to be even more highly refined.

As co-founder and CEO Oscar Morgan explained:

“Moving to production is a momentous moment for our company. The entire Bo team has worked tirelessly with a common aim; to create a product that will consistently delight our riders. The team has been focused on developing game-changing features, like our Monocurve chassis with integrated Lock and Load hooks, and safety enhancements such as Safesteer, whilst using our experience in automotive design to build visually exciting vehicles people feel proud to own and ride. We are excited to see the culmination of these efforts within the Bo M and I cannot wait for our first riders to take delivery of their M later this year”

That “Safesteer” technology is just one of many features of the scooter, and is designed to help stabilize the steering input across varied terrain.

As the company detailed:

“Safesteer™ technology is a world-first in micro-mobility vehicles, a dynamic steering stabilisation system developed by Bo to set the benchmark for control and inspire rider confidence. This patent- pending technology, fully integrated within the Bo chassis, assists and stabilises the steering through bumps, dips and potholes to keep the rider in perfect comfort and control. Novice and experienced riders often cite stability as their primary concern when riding over mixed terrain.

Bo’s Safesteer™ technology gives a seamless, stable ride and builds confidence at every turn, allowing everyone to enjoy the ride. Safesteer™ will deliver the smoothest and most stable ride while at the same time achieving a new benchmark in mechanical simplicity and reliability. The system is based on opposing force from a pair of bespoke wound torsion springs, housed within a unique Bo mechanism that delivers predictable steering correction up to a 50 degree turn angle. This system works to recreate the natural centering dynamic of a larger wheel and smooth the ride to give Bo riders an exceptional experience every time.”

In addition to the steering stabilization, Bo also shared several key performance specs found in the scooter. The 1,200W hub motor was recently increased from the original 1,000W motor planned for the scooter. The main chassis section was retooled as well, “increasing the width for improved ergonomics and battery capacity.”

The 655 Wh battery is claimed to offer a range of up to 50 km (31 miles).

The scooter’s top speed is listed as 35 km/h (21 mph), providing enough speed for everyday commuting without being passed in the bike lane.

Bo M electric scooter

We also heard more detail about the scooter’s “monocurve” chassis design, which is unique in the industry.

As Bo explained:

“Bo M’s chassis has been designed to enable the integration of multiple sector-leading innovations without adding complexity for the user. Forged from high-strength aluminium, the chassis is revolutionary in the category. The intuitive, unbroken lines of the Monocurve chassis create the first unibody structure in this sector, designed to true automotive principles, seamlessly combining function with design. The design allows for the steering to be separated from the chassis, forming a robust mounting point for the Lock and Load cargo solution whilst also providing a strong and stable platform for Bo riders.”

That “Lock and Load” innovation is a feature that includes a pair of dual-purpose revolving hooks that act as both secure locking points for the vehicle as well as a stable cargo carrying solution. The hooks are mounted through the core structure of the chassis to hold cargo of up to 10 kg (22 lb), and prevent riders from having to carry shopping bags dangling on their handlebars.

The hooks are magnetically secured so that when not in use as a locking point or for carrying cargo, they can be spun 180 degrees and hidden within the steerer, preserving the clean lines of the chassis.

Bo will likely have similar models coming in the future, as the company explained that the Bo M is the
first in a series of scooters. More details expected to be announced in the coming months. The first pre-order deliveries of the £1,995.00 (approximately US $2,430) scooter are due to start this November, with further units available from February, 2024.

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