OKAI Neon; Beautiful, connected, clean Electric Scooter [Video]

OKAI, global manufacturer of electric mobility products both large and small, hits the streets with their new electric kick scooter; the Neon. It’s not unheard of for Electrek to feature electric scooters with monstrous capabilities, but OKAI has cleaned up the look of a feature-rich scooter, offering stellar connectivity features and hiding the rest in an ultra clean product.

Let’s dive right in with the best features.

The stand-out feature for the Neon is a set of customizable lights across the front stem and the undercarriage of the scooter. These lights can be customized with a variety of colors, patterns, and flow rates to create a tailored expression with every ride. The customizable lights are really an invitation to the Okai App, where a lot of value connects to the user.

Aside from the convenience of changing the display colors, the app allows for a myriad of other personalization and functional tools. It’s not common for a scooter company to have this level of depth, but Okai isn’t an average scooter company. In no particular order, here’s a table of all the things listed in the app:

Ride History Cruiser Control Kickstart Setting Battery Evanluation
Odometer Regen Dashboard Style Map Function
Ride Timer Eco/Standard/High Lighting Color/Pattern/Flow Lock Scooter
Users’ Guide Ride Settings Battery Temperature Find Ride
Diagnostic Report Feedback Center Battery Cycle Count Profile Settings

For a lot of scooters, you’d be lucky if it has an odometer. Okai really hit it out of the park with useful and fun connected features. Right now, some of these features are being developed, and further firmware updates may access them in the future. One of the features yet to be released is a regen mode, which, I’d be excited to try out! Yes, Okai has OTA software updates, popularized by Tesla.

But, of course, we’re now way ahead of ourselves. Let’s take a step back and take a look at the Neon scooter, as a scooter.

The Neon fits in a fairly competitive and popular segment of mobility; first and last mile. The Neon is quite capable in this category, housing a 350wh battery that enables up to 25 miles of range. The 500w peak front hub motor punches out 16nm of instant torque, able to climb up a grade of 20%. That’s impressive power for a scooter that looks this clean.

And ‘clean’ is the word. The Neon looks amazing, not only with lights, but even on its own design merit. The white matte finish with gray and silver accents is the perfect match for any mood, and the built in features keep the aesthetic at the front of the experience. The lights, fenders, reflectors, folding latch, grips, kickstand, and cable routing all operate perfectly and still serve the appearance of the scooter. 

From front to back, the Neon is made with the rider in mind. The rear suspension is combined with a solid tire in the rear, and a pneumatic tire up front. This is a healthy combination of comfort, and ease of maintenance. The stem offers a hook for small cargo, and the dual electronic and mechanical brakes work in sync to make predictable and quick stops, even at top speed.

The Okai Neon packs a lot of great function and connectivity in a sleek package. We saved the best for last, a price of $699. If they don’t sell out this season, you can click to snag one of your very own Okai Neon Scooters.

At Electrek, we’re excited to have Okai as a sponsor. Not only did the Neon impress us with the clean and feature rich kick scooter, but there is a lot more to come. Although Okai is making moves in shared mobility, personal delivery, and data services, they haven’t lost connection to the base rider, who makes it all possible. Okai recently released an adorable seated scooter called the Beetle. This comfortable, chic and stylish little zipster compacts under a desk like it’s kick-scooter siblings, and is available is 3 colors (pictured below).

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